Tucked IN the front


Brigadeiro said...

She makes everything look so perfect yet effortless...LOVE Taylor's style!

The Photodiarist said...

Gorgeous. She's worn that sweater in at leasts three photos. Don't you remember it from the day of the Donna Karan show in New York? Then she wore it again with blue accessories . . . and now. And the cool thing is that she makes it look new and different each time. I mean . . . who would have thought that a cow sweater would be fashionable? At least until she wore it.

Giia said...

Of course I remember the cow sweater! I loved this combo the best! But I appreciate her talent, that she wears the same item in few different combinations and give a different style!
She is one of the best!

Giia said...

I ADORE her style :)

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